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If you want a family friendly environment for you and yours, come see us live and online!

FREE Wellbeing Workshop on Thursday 17 June

 Fun Karate One-Day Holiday Programme on Thursday 15 July - just $65!

Wellbeing Workshop on Thursday 17 June at 7.40pm.

Invest 50-minutes on yourself as we get you to reflect on where your wellbeing is at, in all the different aspects of your life. Followed up with practical actions you can take to make lasting change where needed. Plus it's fun and uplifting as we head into winter! Click on START TODAY button to book your free ticket. We need your name, mobile and email. Limited to 25 only.

Experience Karate this winter!

Be family fit - learn karate together. Join our new Beginners' Karate class on Wednesdays or Sundays at 5.30pm or book yourself and/or your kids for a fun-filled day of karate at our 1-day holiday programme on Thursday 15 July. Click on our START TODAY button.

Cardio&Core classes with lifetime membership to WORKFIT Online.

Cardio&Core is resistance training, a key ingredient to your ongoing wellbeing. Did you know your baseline wellbeing is declining if you are not exercising 30-minutes everyday? How can I fit that in? We hear you! We have designed Cardio&Core to be fast and effective, just 30-minutes. We have also designed an integrated movement programme (WORKFIT Online) for you busy people while at work to build your foundation of fitness throughout your workday.

Your local family friendly karate and fitness school for adults and children in Brooklyn and Vogelmorn. Where you can fit fitness into your family's busy day. Learn self defence and well-being for life!

Beginners Karate class for adults and children!
Choose your three Summer School classes that suits your schedule for just $20. Parents and caregivers train with your kids, at the kiddie price! Starts this Monday 11 January with six class options available, runs till Thursday 28 January. Contact us, click on START TODAY button.

Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison Street, Brooklyn on:
Terms 1-4 Regular Beginners Classes
Sundays 5.30pm to 6.15pm for primary age and above
Wednesdays 5.30pm to 6.15pm for primary age and above

Want an effective, full body workout in just 30-mins? Come to our Cardio&Core classes. First class free!
Online only classes $4.75 per week (monthly subscriptions $19).
Live (in-person) classes $8.75 (includes access to live online and recorded classes, monthly subscriptions $35). 

Foundation Fitness Learn how to Move to Thrive from 9 to 5 and beyond! 
All our clients receive lifetime membership to our WORKFIT Online programme supporting your baseline wellbeing everyday for just $75 (once-only payment).


Live and online Cardio&Core classes schedule - from just $4.75 per week

  • Cardio&Core:
  • 6.15pm to 6.45pm
at Vogelmorn hall, 11 Vennell St, Vogelmorn:
  • Cardio&Core:
  • 7.30pm to 8pm
at Brooklyn Community Centre hall, 18 Harrison St, Brooklyn:
  • Cardio&Core:
  • 6.40pm to 7.10pm
at Brooklyn Community Centre hall, 18 Harrison St, Brooklyn:
  • Cardio&Core:
  • 7pm to 7.30pm
at Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison Street, Brooklyn:
Sensei Patricia Reilly

Sensei Patricia Reilly

Learn traditional karate from a National Champion and Prime Minister's Scholarship winner. Sensei Patricia has over 35 years of Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate training under her belt and at almost 57 shows no sign of slowing down. "Anyone can do karate, it's a decision to just do it today. It not only disciplines the body it also disciplines the mind".
Our dojo is unique with a feminine approach. This doesn't mean it is easy but it does mean it is not intimidating. We are welcoming and family orientated.
Having raised ten children, Sensei Patricia has this to say, "As humans, we all need structure, ritual and good habits. Karate creates strong structures that individuals can build resilience on, set goals and break boundaries they never thought possible! Life is exciting. Make sure you and your children live authentic lives that enhance your wellbeing and that of others. That is karate. The Art of the Empty Hand."

Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate

Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate

Sensei Patricia has been teaching children karate since 1986 and has produced Karate New Zealand National Champions, as well as highly successful University Graduates and Entrepreneurs.
Whether you just want your kids to be better coordinated and more resilient, build strength and fitness, learn self defence, develop self-disciplined leadership skills,  or compete in tournaments our kiddie karate classes are the answer for you!
Parents/Caregivers you can train with your kids at the kiddie price! 

Cardio&Core and WORKFIT

Cardio&Core and WORKFIT

Cardio&Core and WORKFIT Online are our newest additions to our fitness school are designed for busy people. Build muscle strength and bone density and improve your flexibilty (less risk of injuries).
Both great low-impact and affordable options. Cardio&Core resistance training fills the gap in your fitness regime if you walk, swim or run during the week. You can attend a free online or local Cardio&Core by contacting us. Click on the START TODAY button.
WORKFIT Online builds your foundation fitness while you work. You will have Leia Cohen, Programme Director at Fitness Move and International Integrated Health Coach moving with you online at the tap of a button.
START TODAY - just $75 in total for your own personal movement programme that is easy to do. Grab your lifetime membership today! A little today, can give you a lot tomorrow.