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About Us

Be the Best you Can Be! That is our motto. Karate is a journey of optimal health and well-being in everything that we do. In our physical training, our mental discipline, and our attitude to life in general. We teach this through traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate and our 30 minute specially tailored exercise classes for the busy teenager/adult who wants to GET FIT FAST. We have Kardio Power which consists of punching and kicking pads for a fast, effective workout. We also have Strengthen&Tone a more gentle body toning class where you use your own body weight and breathing. Some people do both, others target just one. Either way they are easy steps to a fitter, healthier, happier you!

Come along to a free class and take that first step.


Our traditional classes are at the Brooklyn Community Centre hall, St Pat's parish centre in Kilbirnie and WEEKEND KIDDIE KARATE CLASS on SUNDAYS 2.30pm - 3.15pm at Island Bay Community Centre hall.

We also run 'Fighting Fit Self Defence' courses and workshops:

  • The next 'Fighting Fit Self Defence' WORKSHOP is in June 2017, book by 11 May to grab our $25 May Special or $40 for two.
  • The next 'Fighting Fit Self Defence' COURSE is in February 2017, book by 16 June to get $120 May/June Special.

Why us?

We cater for you the person. Whether you are wanting to develop your knowledge and train your body and mind in Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate or just wanting to get fit fast and easy somewhere close to home. Patricia Reilly Rembuden has a class that will benefit you and fit with your lifestyle!

You want the best and that is what we provide. Sensei Patricia has over 33 years of experience in karate and over 47 years experience in fitness and dance! She competed for 20 years and Regional and National NZ titles, and International metals in Karate tournaments. Patricia made the top 8 at Commonwealth Champs in Manchester 2003 and has won medals at Oceania Championships and Australian Open Championships. As a national coach she has been awarded 2 Prime Minister's scholarships to study in Japan and Okinawa.

If you want a family friendly environment for you and yours, come see us!

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